The first refugee contingents group composed mostly of Khmer National Forces personnel and families, students who studied abroad, civil personnel and business people. They arrived in California after the Khmer Rouge Killing Field took over the country on April 17, 1975. The U.S. Government brought them to Camp Pendleton, California and other camps in the U.S. as refugees. Most of them found their sponsors in Southern California and established their new lives ever since.



To honor the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for the service of our beloved country, to unite and support Cambodian Veterans and Community through collaboration and community service and to preserve Cambodian culture and customs.


Purpose Statement

The purpose of Cambodian Veterans (CV) which was established at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, State of California on the 20th of June 1975 by a group of Cambodian Veterans (Khmer Army, Navy, and Air Force) is to honor our soldiers, sailors, and airmen/airwomen (from generals to officers, non-comissioned officers and soldiers) who gave their lives to the service of our beloved Cambodia (Srok Khmer) and her people.


Cambodian Armed Forces joined in a meaningful partnership with American Armed Forced in fighting the war for our freedom and liberty. After the war, Cambodian Veterans can provide a vital role of service to our Veterans and Community needs.


Core Value

The term "Veteran" reflect every person who has put on the uniform in time of war or in times of peace. Cambodian Veterans have the roles, responsibilities, and commitements to protect and defend their country. Cambodian Veterans do not take their lives for granted. They fought because they loved Cambodia and her people deeply, and they paid the ultimate price with their lives. These brave men and women (soldiers) who served their country against Communist Khmer Rouge Killing Fields, Communist Monarchy collaborators and foreign invaders, they are the Cambodian Veterans. Their war stories are reflected in so many ways in life [and it is exceptionally important that we know how our parents and grandparents helped shape the person we are today]. In that respect, many Cambodian children, grandchildren, families and friends have been granted as refugees to live in the U.S. because of Veterans status and legacy.




  • To unite Cambodian Veterans friends and families
  • To preserve Cambodian Veteran cultural values
  • To build a Memorial Monument