A lot of our veterans served under both of these flags,

but it was the Republican flag that gave us a lot of

memories, pride and passion defending our country,

our liberty and our people.

We must remember that “freedom is not free”.

We have to fight for it and millions of us paid the

ultimate price of our lives and blood.

This world is so cruel; begging, crying or depending

on somebody else is not the answer.

Cambodia will not disappear if we all

stand up and defend her.

If not, we have nobody else to blame

but ourselves. 



Light at the end of the tunnel

Posted on 8/23/13


1970-1975 - We fought nights and days to defend our beloved young Khmer Republic until her last day. Knowing that the communists will kill us all, we decided to escape and became refugees. With no hope of coming back to fight again, I decided to become a refugee of the US and started my new life in a new country that I never thought of in my wildest dreams. Years have passed and I still hold onto the hope that some day I'll be able to see my country again.

1993 - Eighteen years later, my wish was answered. I came back and saw my homeland again. It was a mix feeling. I felt very happy to touch my native land after 18 years of exile. You never have that feeling until you experience living without a country for a long period of time and without any hope of coming back.

But after a couple days of joy, I saw my poor country was not as free as she used to be in my old days. She was controlled by Vietnam, and you had to be very careful of what you said or did, otherwise you could be in big trouble. I never lived in this kind of oppression before, and after a few days, I sadly returned back to the US. 

2013 - Twenty years after my first trip to Cambodia, I looked back at my country gradually and systematically swallowed up by Vietnam. I thought to myself, this is it, this is the river of no return and there isn’t any hope that my dear motherland can free herself from this expansionist. I pray that Cambodia would not varnish from the world map while I'm still alive.


July 2013 - To my surprise, Cambodian people woke up. There were the youth, the students, the monks, the city dwellers, the villagers, the farmers, the laborers, the rich, the poor, the young, the old, men and women all stood up demanding for justice, demanding for their civil rights and their freedom as human beings. They were fed up; they can’t take it anymore; they were willing to sacrifice their life for their rights, their children, the children of their children and the survival of their country. It's 1970 all over again, but this time on a larger scale. It's people against tanks, bare hands against riffles. It's life and death.
But I feel so happy and proud:

-       Knowing that I was wrong to think that there isn’t any hope for my country

-       Knowing that the younger generation loves their country as much as I do

-       Knowing that they are not afraid to put their life on the line for the survival of their motherland.


Freedom is not free.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Long live Cambodia!


Your Choice

Posted on 9/7/13

To soldiers and commanders of Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.

You were sworn in to serve, to protect and to defend Cambodia and Cambodians. You have pledged allegiance to your country, your people, your religion, and not to any political party. Your duty is to serve and protect your borders and your people at any cost against foreign invaders of any forms, origins or circumstances.

As a former cambodian soldier myself, I know that you have to follow the order of your superiors. But in this critical time of demonstration for freedom and justice, it is imperative that you understand what you're in for. What is your duty? What do you have to defend? Use your conscience, your judgement, your common sense, your love for your country and your own blood.

Nowhere in the world does a detested puppet government controls a corrupted NEC and sends tanks and military troops to thwart a peaceful demonstration.

Think about Khmer blood and think twice before you pull the trigger. And if you have to pull it, pull it to the air and not to the crowd. The future of the country is in your own hands. Do you want to liberate her or do you want her to disappear from the world's map?


The choice is yours.